Brian Smith's Homepage

Welcome to my website.   Here are the contents:

UNIX/Linux/AIX Work portfolio - Portfolio of my work related to UNIX/Linux/AIX. 

My Linkedin Profile

My IBM developerWorks Blog

Photos contributed to Wikicommons - Pictures I've taken and contributed to Wikicommons/Wikipedia

Hiking/Mountains - I love spending time in the mountains, here are some of the places I've been. 

My 3rd grader's awesome Fire Piston Science Fair Project on Youtube

Our Week long Primative Living Skills adventure - My wifes writing about our experience at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

My Adventures of Lolo / Eggerland colletion - My favorite classic video game that I played when I was a kid and am now working on collecting.  It is a really cool Puzzle game that makes you think.

My Adventures of Lolo 2 Strategy Guide that I published

Contacting me:  You can email me at:  ixbrian at gmail dot com